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Outkast Happy Valentines Day

Outkast Happy Valentines Day Synopsis

Outkast Happy Valentines Day is just another example of Andre�s creativeness at its best. On this track Dre shows a lot of insight about the path of love in just a five minute song.

In the song, Andre presents himself as Cupid Valentino, the modern day Cupid. This modern day Cupid is equipped with pistols instead of arrows and is determined not to be defeated by any other holiday.

He repeatedly says, �Happy Valentines Day� followed by, �Everyday is the 14th� showing, how love should be celebrated year round and not just a single day out the year.

Cupid tells the world how people won�t believe in him, but they�ll believe in leprechauns), groundhogs, the Easter Bunny, and his biggest foe, the materialistic Santa Claus. This has caused Cupid to be come confused about the meaning of love and he thinks he may have the meaning of love �all wrong.�

Outkast Happy Valentines Day ends with a final verse from Dre where tells a story a story of a young man who has a loving girl back at home. The man pretends not to love this girl as much as he should because he is afraid to put his feelings out in the open.

He gives the girl attention only when his time permits forces the girl to prove extra hard why he should show her compassion since he feels if his girl "does not know him then how could she be his friend". However, the girl is unable to know him because he has closed himself away from her.

Outkast Happy Valentines Day is an excellent song with a good message that people should take the time to think about. The whole song is very upbeat and up-tempo and filled with lots of different instruments including drums, pianos, and handclaps.

Outkast Happy Valentines Day: Favorite Lines

Surrounded by the lonely, but yet feel like a loner.

Another example of Outkast�s countless twists and turns of the dictionary. The line itself is an oxymoron because the lonely are all surrounded by each other, but yet Dre still calls them lonely.

Dre uses this line to show the man�s feeling of isolation in his world. He is surrounded by other people who are lonely like him, therefore they come together to relieve their feelings of loneliness by forming relationships.

Dre implies that people in relationships get involved in relationships to relieve there sense of loneliness, hence, why Dre says the man is surrounded by the lonely. Yet, even surrounded the man feels like a loner in this group because the man has formed a protective shield around himself, isolating him from forming any meaningful relationships.

I know you're trying to protect your lil' feelingsbut you can't run away.

This is a very direct line. Cupid basically gives a summary of why the Love deep down Below does not work in so many relationships. It�s because individuals try to protect their feelings by closing off their heart and running away from the notion of love.

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