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Outkast Aquemini: Synthesizer

Outkast Aquemini: Synthesizer Synopsis

To me, Synthesizer is probably close to my favorite song on the Outkast Aquemini album and maybe from Outkast in general. The song is just so insightful and thought-provoking that I had to give it its due credit, especially Andre�s verse.

Synthesizer questions the position of modern day technology and the things that mankind is now able to due because of technology. It questions whether humans are taking the path of Einstein, in the name of good, or Frankenstein, heading to our own self-destruction.

Their words really make you sit down and think about what they�re saying and the way they deliver this message to you just adds more substance to the Outakst Aquemini album.

Outkast Aquemini: Synthesizer Favorite lines

Who a bitch?
Give me my gat so I can smoke this nigga
Tell his mamma not to cry
because they can clone him quicker
than it took his daddy to make him

I like this line because it is essentially gives a glimpse of a bleak future if technology continues on this path. It�s a future where even a mother shouldn�t mourn of her son�s death because scientists can just clone him and she�ll have another son just like that.

My, nose ain't right
Think I need a new one
Just take your pick, a yellow red
A black or a blue one

This is a hilarious line. It basically pokes fun at people who have plastic surgery by exaggerating how easy it is to change parts of your body that you don�t like. I can almost picture a lady looking at a line of plastic noses then pointing and saying, �yea, I�ll take that one� to her plastic surgeon.

Digital good times, Digital good times
Said she'd lapdance on your laptop
while your laptop's in your lap

I liked this line because first, it is just another example of the way Outkast knows how to use the dictionary to group creative word combinations that most people wouldn�t have thought of together. Secondly, the line shows how technological advancements have basically taken over every aspect of our lives, so individuals� need for sexual fulfillment has basically been replaced by a virtual image named, �Cybersexy Wendy.�

Conceived under the influence of toxic wasted doctors

I found this line to be pretty creative and kinda funny too, you might not have caught it at first if you weren�t listenting (but then again you might have). The guy says �conceived under the influence of toxic,� then pauses for a second. Then adds, �wasted doctors,� meaning the doctors were drunk. So put together he makes a pun when he says �toxic wasted doctors.�

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