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Outkast Rosa Parks: Let's Dance!!!

Outkast Rosa ParksOutkast Rosa Parks is a great song, an absolute Southern classic. Everything from the upbeat tempo to the great lyrics, Rosa Parks by Outkast is an illustration of music at its best.

The song starts off with background singers singing �uh huh, ba-by, ah ha, yea yea,� followed by Dre and Big Boi on the hook. Big Boi then comes in with a real strong verse. But for as far as the best verse goes, I�d have to give it up to Dre. I love how his verse paints such a vivid picture with everything in the verse linking together.

And we of course can�t forget about the video. In Outkast Rosa Parks video Dre and Big Boi go all out by showing everything south-related from marching bands to Chevrolet Impalas. Also, if I do recall, in the Rosa Parks video was the introduction of the now super-famous throwback jersey trend. That�s right, Big Boi was the first rapper to sport a throwback sports jersey in his video, consequently, sparking an extremely popular fashion trend. Can you say �definition of a trendsetter?�

The song itself drew many controversies because of its title. The late Rosa Parks actually sued Outkast for using her name as the title of the song. The case, however, was eventually dropped.

Every time I hear this song time I just want to get up and start rag-topping (old Atlanta dance) or something. The bridge that contains the harmonica solo near the end of the song is great. Outkast Rosa Parks is by far one of my favorite songs to hear when I�m feeling down and just feel like getting up to dance.

Outkast Rosa Parks:

Favorite Lines

I met a gypsy and she hipped me to some life gameTo stimulate then activate the left and right brainSaid baby boy you only funky as your last cutYou focus on the past your ass'll be a has what

This is a really important line. It basically just shows one of the reasons people can never advance in life. They focus on the past, always reminiscing on the past days when they once were �great�. Throughout their career Outkast have continuously proved to the opposition that will always strive to be better than before, never focusing on their past achievement. This is what makes them great.

A-T-L, Georgia, what we do for yaBull doggin hoes like them Georgetown Hoyas

This is a pretty famous line in Atlanta. You can actually hear a few other artists using this line in their songs.

That I want to hear when I'm goin downwhen all's said and done And we got a new joe in townWhen the record player get to skippin and slowin downAll yawl can say is them niggas earned that crown but until then

And here we are now, 10+ years after this song was made. We can defiantly say that Outkast earned their crown. Dre, once showing his insight with this beautiful line predicting their future success.

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