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Outkast Wheels of Steel

Outkast Wheels of Steel is a great song that you just sit and ride to while bobbing your head. The song is the fourth track off the ATLiens album and its placement at number four helps maintain the pace of the album. The song provides real good illustration while the beat contains excellent scratching and mixing from Organized Noize.

In the song, Dre and Big Boi basically reminisce on some of their old moments back in Atlanta. Self reflection and awareness are two of the biggest concentrations of ATLiens and Outkast Wheels of Steel is no exception.

The good thing about Outkast Wheels of Steel as well as most of Outkast�s old songs is they never really sound like a bunch of preachers trying to tell you right from wrong. Instead, they sound more like former students who went off to college, gained their education, and came back to the hood with their degree to work at their old school.

Outkast Wheels of Steel:
Favorite Lines

The Pope and his folks got us under a scope
But for unknown reasons cuz we don't sell dope
That you distribute, we don't contribute, to your clandestine
activity, my soliloquoy, may be hard for some to swallow

For some reason I just really like this line. Maybe it�s because Dre is famous for just throwing in a few big words here and there just because he wants you to go grab a dictionary and a read a little to keep up. Afterall, Big Boi does say their going to �enhance your brain� at the beginning of the song.

Yo, we take no shit, like ummm, stopped up commodes
Gotta collect call, they done locked up my folks
Low blow, hit me in the left ventricle
We won't be able to ride out till two thousand fo'

Once again, just vivid illustration by Dre, it�s amazing. �we take no shit like stopped up commodes?� Who thinks of these types of things. I can just picture Dre getting a call from his friend and hearing that he�s locked up, thereby ruining all of the big plans they had to ball until 2004.

But not for long cuz we got a better sack to serve
Tryin to take you other people for your rims at the curb

I like this line mainly because of they way Big Boi comes in. Basically in the line before I picture Dre being real down because they think they won�t be able to ride out for another 5 years. Then Big Boi comes in with another idea for them to get their riches. He has a the perfect plan for them to get a better sack to serve therefore automatically equaling more money for them to ride out quicker. The perfect plan, Right?

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